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FALKE - Sports Socks and Sports Underwear with a Love for Detail

Attention to detail and quality is what sets FALKE's first-class sports socks and functional underwear apart from the rest. For over 125 years, the family business has stood for sportswear made of high-quality materials and with perfect craftsmanship. Decades of experience and the constant influence of new ideas create socks and sportswear of extraordinary quality.

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Running Socks, Bike Socks, Outdoor Socks and Functional Clothing - Quality and Experience for over 125 Years

Founded as early as 1895 in the Sauerland region, the family business FALKE is today mainly known for its innovative and progressive socks and sports socks, but since 2005 it has been a full-range supplier of high-quality sportswear for men and women. In addition to sports socks for cycling, running and outdoor activities, the company now also offers functional underwear, tops and sports shorts in an integrated, coordinated collection. FALKE focuses on quality in every product and every detail, which is perfected with expertise and passion. FALKE has been working on this for more than 100 years.

FALKE Sports Socks - Running Socks, Bike Socks, Outdoor Socks

The FALKE brand stands for a high level of competence in the field of sports socks for women and men. Since every sport has different demands on sportswear, FALKE socks are optimally adapted to the needs of running, cycling or hiking. What unites running socks, cycling socks and outdoor socks from FALKE are side-specific and anatomically shaped toes, superior moisture absorption and short drying times. Padding in particularly stressed zones has a cushioning effect and reduces the risk of pressure points and blisters.

  • FALKE running socks offer you optimum support - on the short after-work lap as well as on long-distance runs. They offer a cushioning effect and prevent blisters, yet still provide good contact with the running shoe and an energetic power transmission. Running socks with a compression effect stabilize tissues and joints and can promote faster regeneration and less signs of fatigue.
  • FALKE cycling socks protect the cyclist's foot, which is exposed to particular stress in tight, stiff cycling shoes that are fixed to the pedal. FALKE Impulse bicycle socks have a special knitted net structure that exerts a massage effect on the receptors and sensors at the ball of the foot, stimulating the arch of the foot and thus reducing feelings of numbness in the feet.
  • FALKE outdoor and hiking socks are the most important piece of clothing after well-fitting hiking boots. Trekking socks prevent pressure points and blisters and provide optimum moisture management. Outdoor socks made by FALKE are anatomically shaped, have a protective padding and cleverly coordinated material compositions.

FALKE Functional Underwear for Any Season and Any Level of Activity

In addition to sports socks, FALKE offers high-quality sports underwear for men and women, which immensely increases comfort and well-being during intensive sporting activity. Innovative materials help to optimally regulate moisture and temperature. The short and long-sleeved undershirts, boxer shorts, briefs and underpants protect the body from overheating in summer and cooling down in winter. To reinforce this effect, FALKE relies on special clothing lines that develop their optimal effect at different outside temperatures and activity levels:

  • Maximum Warm. For very cold temperature conditions.
  • Warm. For mild to cold outside temperatures.
  • Cool. For warm to hot temperatures.
  • Wool Tech. For cold to very cold temperatures. Merino wool for maximum thermal insulation and reduction of body odors.
  • Wool Tech Light. For warm to cold outside temperatures. Combination of finest merino wool and functional materials.
  • Silk Wool. For warm to cold temperatures. Merino wool and silk ensure outstanding wearing comfort.