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Michelin Bike Tires & Inner Tube for Every Adventure

The inventors of the detachable bicycle tire and the legendary Michelin Man always have the right rubber compound at hand. The sustainable mobility company from Clermont-Ferrand can draw on over 100 years of experience in the manufacture of tires and inner tubes. A wide range of versatile options for MTB, road, city, gravel and e-bike guarantee grip, protection and performance.

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Michelin Bike Tire - The French Tire Pioneers Always Get You Where You Want to Go

Bibendum - as the famous Michelin Man is called - has stood for excellence, grip, safety and pleasure for well over 100 years. Originally inspired by a stack of tires, the white mascot was intended to show that Michelin tires can absorb any obstacle without any problems. As one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, the French company can draw on the know-how and experience gained in many different fields. Michelin not only puts tires on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks and agricultural machinery, but also airplanes and space shuttles all over the world. 

It all began with the invention of the first demountable bicycle tire in 1891, followed by numerous other milestones, such as the introduction of the first folding tire in 1979 or the premiere of the tubeless mountain bike tire in 1999. Close cooperations with professional cycling or Formula 1 ensures that the rubber experts from Clermont-Ferrand offer only absolutely reliable and high-performing tires and inner tubes for MTBs, road bikes, gravel and city bikes that meet the highest technological and visual demands. 

Michelin - The Right Tire & Inner Tube for Every Adventure

Michelin Mountain Bike Tires & Inner Tubes for Every Surface

Ride like the pros, with the tires of the pros: The Wild Enduro and Force Enduro tires from the Competition Line make it possible. The special Front and Rear tires have already become world champions in the Enduro World Series and with their new tread pattern and high-density reinforcements they provide even more off-road possibilities. A slightly softer and more flexible Gum-X3D rubber compound provides better tracking, while the new MAGI-X rubber compound is designed for maximum grip in all conditions. 

The dynamic all-mountain tire Force AM², the competition-oriented cross-country tire Force XC2, the maximal speedy Jet XC2 and the extra grippy Wild AM² also get along perfectly in all situations thanks to the Gum-X compound. Specifically developed for e-bikes, the E-Wild Front and Rear tires give you everything you need from your MTB: more grip, puncture protection and durability with significantly less rolling resistance and effort. 

The Performance Line tires offer similar designs and technologies to the Competition Line, but are designed to last longer. With the sporty and snappy Wild AM² and Wild Grip'r2, the all-rounder Force AM² and the tubeless cross-country tire Force XC2, you always have the right tread at hand. 

Versatile and affordable, the Access Line tires roll smoothly over any terain. In slushy conditions, the wide studs of the Country Mud offer plenty of grip. The greater distance between the studs also ensures improved self-cleaning. The Country Grip'r is the all-round talent of the entry-level series thanks to its reinforced centre studs. The perfect companion on the trails, and available as clincher or folding tire, is the Country Trail. If the terrain begins in the city or if you're riding regularly on harder surfaces and asphalt, then the special tread design of the Country Rock is made for you.

Save a few more tenths of a second: With the Aircomp latex tube you can gain the decisive watts. You can also choose between the featherweight Aircomp Ultralight, the resistant Airstop and the self-sealing Protek MAX.

Gravel, Cyclocross & Road Bike Tires - Fast, Grippy and Resistant

If every second is precious and the best is just good enough, then the Racing Line is the right one for you. With the Power Time Trial, specially developed for racing, you can beat your personal records in time trials or long distance triathlon. The combination of low weight, X-Race Compound rubber and the high density Aramid Protek+ puncture protection layer guarantees fast times. The fast Power Competition allows for higher speeds with the same amount of effort and perfect grip in corners, thanks to the Race Compund rubber originally developed for the Moto GP series. 

Created especially for cyclocross competitions and victories, the tubular and folding tires Power Cyclocross Mud and Power Cyclocross Jet provide secure grip on all surfaces and effective power transmission. Clever reinforcements protect you from annoying flats even when riding with low air pressure. 

The tires of the Competition Line are characterized by more resistance, stability and higher durability. Long training rides and tough competitions become fun and carefree with the sporty Power Road, the robust Pro4 Endurance, the popular Power Endurance or the performance-oriented Pro4 Service Course. With the Power All Season you have excellent grip in changing weather conditions at any time of the year. And if the off-road terrain tempts you more often, the Power Gravel offers the best mix. 

For relaxed mileage, you can rely on Performance Line tires like the Lithion 2. Just as reliable and durable as stylish everyday companions are the Dynamic Sport and Dynamic Classic from the Access Line

For the right tube you can choose between the fast Aircomp Latex, the ultra-light Aircomp Ultralight and the award-winning price-performance winner Airstop

Michelin - The Right Tire & Inner Tube for Every Adventure

Michelin Bicycle Tires for the City - For Safety and Visibility

Commuting to work or doing things in the city by bike without worrying about wet roads or breakdowns: the Michelin Competiton Line for the city. A new tread design for the Star Grip and an exceptional rubber compound for the e-bike suitable Protek Urban guarantee optimum safety. 

The Protek Cross Max inspires on unpaved roads, while the versatile Protek Max with additional reflective stripes provides increased visibility. Michelin Performance Line tires are also e-bike ready. A special rubber compound reduces the energy consumption of the Energy to save the battery of your e-bike. 

In the Access Line you will find various usable tires such as the Protek or Protek Cross with effective puncture protection at a more than fair price. With the corresponding tubes like the puncture-resistant Airstop or the self-repairing Protek Max, the air stays where it belongs: so that the riding fun is never interrupted prematurely.