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Stan's NoTubes - The Number One Choice for Tubeless Tire Systems

Stan Koziatek, the founder of Stan's NoTubes, was tired of flat tires. His solution to the problem was the NoTubes sealing system, introduced in 2001, which revolutionized the bicycle industry. What is the benchmark today was incredibly innovative at the time. The key to success was a sealing milk that, in combination with a tubeless rim and a special tire, created a system that no longer required a bicycle tube. In addition to different rims and wheel sets, you can also find valves, conversion kits, rim tape and tubeless sealant for rims in the BIKE24 online store.

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Stan's NoTubes Tubeless - From a Niche Product to an Industry-Wide Standard

The Stan's NoTubes system was initially known only to experts and light builders in the bicycle industry. Today, however, Stan's NoTubes has a considerable range and delights cyclists and cyclists around the world with its impeccable function. Both on the mountain bike and on the road bike you benefit from the low rolling resistance, the fast acceleration and the incredibly high resistance to punctures of the Stan's NoTubes system.

Stan's NoTubes Wheels, Tires and Sealant - The Principle of the Tubeless System

Due to the innovative progress and high quality in terms of traction, control and comfort while riding, Stan's NoTubes is the first choice for performance athletes and ambitious riders. But how exactly does Stan's NoTubes Tubeless sealant work? A Stan's NoTubes tubeless wheel package basically consists of three different components:

  • a tubeless rim with a dense rim tape and a tubeless valve
  • a tubeless tire
  • the Stan's NoTubes Tubeless sealant

The recipe for success of this combination lies in the Stan's NoTubes sealant. This ensures that no air can escape between the tire sidewall and rim bead when inflating the tire. It seals the system, so to speak. In addition, the Stan's NoTubes Tubeless milk easily seals small to medium-sized holes, so that flat tires are a thing of the past. Should damage to the tire be too large, the tire carcass can be repaired with a tubeless patch kit in no time.

Stan's NoTubes Tubeless Rims - For a Perfectly Matched Tubeless System

To ensure the best possible function, Stan's NoTubes also manufactures its own tubeless rims to simplify assembly and increase the reliability of the tubeless system. A specially shaped rim flange ensures that the tire bead is optimally placed in the rim and thus increases the tightness of the system. In addition, the weight and width of Stan's NoTubes wheels set new standards.

The Stan's NoTubes sealant is of course also compatible with other Tubeless-Ready rims.

Stan's NoTubes Athletes

Since the beginning of Stan's NoTubes, the company has worked with professional athletes and racers. These significantly support the product development process and provide valuable feedback. It doesn't matter whether it's a downhill rider in an international race or a road cyclist in his private training. A good example of this is Sabine Spitz, who stood on the podium with Stan's NoTubes tire sealant and an early prototype of a rim at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and provided valuable feedback.