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Tubus stands for precision and care in the manufacture of luggage carriers that are not only functional, but also aesthetic and durable. With over 30 years of experience, the brand has established itself as a world leader in the production of indestructible bicycle carriers made of tubular steel. Handmade in Germany the carriers are not only highly stable and perfect in form, but also elaborately surface-treated. Tubus thus attaches great importance to quality, from the first sketch to the finished carrier.

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Tubus Racks as a Promise of Quality from Germany

Tubus, with its headquarters in Münster, in the German state of Westphalia, has established itself in over three decades as a leading brand for bicycle racks made of tubular steel. A guarantee on its products that, at 30 years, lasts just as long as the company's history, is equally an announcement to the competition and a promise of the highest quality. What helps Tubus achieve this self-confidence? The brand is known for relying on testing procedures that go far beyond standards like DIN and ISO. The confidence in their carriers mean for you: safe trips - no matter how long they may be.

Versatile Rack Solutions Made from High Quality Materials

Tubus brings with a wide range of racks for the bike a world where quality and functionality are the focus. Whether for the daily commute, the weekend trip or the long-distance tour - the robust yet lightweight carriers made of high-quality materials are ready for any journey. Great advantage for bike fans of all experience levels: Tubus has thoughtfully designed the assembly of the luggage carriers to be user-friendly. Technical drawings and detailed assembly instructions facilitate the process of mounting enormously - regardless of whether you attach a Tubus front rack or rear luggage carrier.

Stable Carrying at the Rear: Rear Racks from Tubus

Rear racks are your faithful companions when it comes to cleverly accommodate the heavy luggage. They allow you to efficiently distribute loads on the rear wheel while not compromising the riding dynamics and balance of your bike. Here are two models from Tubus that have been given this task:

  • Disco: A rear rack that blends seamlessly into the design of modern bikes while offering high load capacity and stability. With its special attachment, it is particularly suitable for bikes with disc brakes.
  • Fly Classic: In terms of minimalist and lightweight carrier, the Tubus Fly Classic is your unobtrusive companion, which despite its low weight allows an impressive payload on the rear wheel. It is ideal for trips where every gram counts.

Secure Storage Space at the Front: Front Racks from Tubus

If you have a lot of luggage on board, front racks are essential to distribute the weight of your equipment evenly on your bike. Tubus Front Rack solutions help you to create additional storage space without disturbing you on your tour. These two models will help you achieve the ideal weight distribution:

  • Duo: If you're looking for an unobtrusive but strong front rack, Tubus' Duo Front Rack is your choice. It allows you an even weight distribution and is designed so that it does not interfere with the appearance of your bike.
  • Tara: The Tara is not just a front rack, but a real classic in the Tubus range. It is designed for the toughest conditions and has proven itself on countless trips around the globe.

Material as a Key Success Factor: That's What Makes Tubus Racks So Durable

Materials are the heart of any rack. They determine weight, stability and durability. Tubus relies here on a diverse selection to offer the right companion for every tour and every need:

  • 25CRMO4: Chrome molybdenum steel is not only popular in car and aircraft construction, but also at Tubus. With an enormous tensile strength of over 700 N/mm² and excellent welding properties, it provides a robust basis for many rack models from Tubus.
  • Stainless steel: Often referred to as "rustproof", stainless steel is particularly durable and resistant. Even if a little flash rust appears under extreme conditions, a small polish is enough to restore the old shine.
  • Titanium: As a material that combines low weight with high strength, titanium is also used in space travel. Its great advantage on bicycle parts: It is resistant to many acids, alkalis and corrosion, even at temperatures up to 880 °C. This makes Tubus' titanium racks an optimal choice for extreme touring from icy to hot climates.

Materials for bicycle parts are not only a question of quality, but also one of philosophy. Tubus deliberately chooses materials that make the rack not only functional, but also a durable and reliable partner on every trip.

How Tubus Creates Ultimate Bicycle Solutions with Brand Allies

Tubus not only creates indestructible bike racks itself, but also has deep connections with other brands, which in combination create a fully comprehensive bike experience. These include racktime and Hebie, which usefully expand the arsenal of Tubus racks with their own bicycle accessories.

A sister brand to Tubus, racktime is known for its urban racks and bags that emphasize the modern, urban lifestyle of cyclists. The patented Snapit system is particularly exciting: it allows you to easily and securely attach a wide variety of bike parts to the rack with just one click.

On the other hand, Hebie is a company with 150 years of tradition that specializes in bike protection solutions and first-class bike racks. Since 2018, Hebie and Tubus have been going their separate ways, as their quality products and ethical business practices harmonize perfectly.

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