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TRUVATIV – Every Ride has a Story

TRUVATIV has been developing new technologies throughout the industry since 1997 that have changed the way mountain biking is done. Today, as one of the brands within the SRAM Group, TRUVATIV continues to manufacture innovative products for tough guys and girls. The company is guided by a pure love of mountain biking that has made it possible to revolutionize the sport. » Read more

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Components for tough guys and girls

Founded with a mission to be "truly innovative", TRUVATIV has a history of resisting trends to produce realistic performance benefits. In the early days of aggressive freeriding, when riders pushed their equipment to the limit, TRUVATIV pioneered the development of super-strong and durable components.
TRUVATIV's claim is to manufacture innovative bicycle parts with heart and soul. Components for restless souls. For riders who don't see any finish lines. For riders who know that being free means writing their own history.

In addition to inner bearings for all current frame standards such as BSA, Pressfit or BB30, TRUVATIV also offers robust handlebars, seat posts, stems, cranksets, pedals and chain guides for all types of mountain biking. Whether Cross Country, Trail, Enduro or Gravity - TRUVATIV has the right parts for everyone.

Descendant – Constant performance on every ride.

The Descendant series from TRUVATIV meets all the criteria that hardcore mountain bikers demand of their equipment: Performance, durability, a reasonable price and style. Developed with the most talented Enduro and Gravity riders, the Descendant Series handlebars, stems, seatposts and cranks feel at home on the most aggressive trails and roughest tracks. With the Descendant CoLab Editions, TRUVATIV has brought out Signature handlebars for four absolute legends of mountain biking: Martin Söderström, Jérôme Clementz, Kyle Strait and Steve Smith, who unfortunately died far too early. Downhill clothing and helmet manufacturer Troy Lee Designs also scented his artistic touch on a special Descendant Signature handlebar model.

Holzfeller – The benchmark.

Aggressive DH and freeride terrain is not the right place for scaredy-cats. The components of the Holzfeller series convince in terms of weight, strength and stiffness and serve as a benchmark for all other products. The 7050 aluminium handlebars and seat posts and the 6066 aluminium stems are 3D forged, built for professionals, and simply meet all the requirements - and probably more, so be careful!

Hussefelt – The only real thing.

If you need really heavy guns for your downhill or freeride bike, the best choice is the TRUVATIV Hussefelt family components made of proven aluminium 6061. These components owe their name not without reason to the legendary Icelandic Husafell Stone, where the strongest men in the world measured their strength. Here you find handlebars, seat posts, stems, cranks and pedals with real taker qualities for which you don't have to dig too deep into your wallet.

Noir – Not from this world.

The handlebars and seat posts of the TRUVATIV Noir series are a faithful service for those who want one less thing to worry about on race day. They combine lightness and performance in perfection and are also really simple beauties made of carbon. The extremely lightweight components effortlessly bring any cross-country rider up hellish climbs and let you keep track on fast descents with ease.

Stylo – All functions at your fingertips.

A large selection of handlebars, seat posts, stems, stems and cranks are available in the Stylo series. These aluminum components are light enough for XC racing, but tough enough not to be touched with velvet gloves.

AKA – Stability and Strength.

The AKA Series is the healthy middle course for everything between DH and XC. Trail and all-mountain riders for whom DH components are too bulky and XC parts too delicate can conquer any terrain with the AKA Parts. All-mountain stiffness, all-mountain strength - all in one elegant and extremely light package.