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Karpos - Innovative Outdoor Clothing from the Mountain Sports Specialist from Italy

The love for outdoor and mountain sports is more than clearly reflected in the products of Karpos. The manufacturer from Fonzaso in northern Italy is primarily known for its diverse clothing in the areas of mountain sports, climbing, hiking, cycling and trail running. In recent years, however, the company has gained a broad fan base not only because of its innovative technologies and high-quality designs. The strong commitment to sustainability is also well received by many customers.

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Karpos Outdoor - Or How a Small Brand from a Small Town at the Foot of the Dolomites Is Taking on the Big Ones in the Industry.

"A whole new world begins right outside your front door. Go where you've never been before. And don't stop." This quote from the Karpos website already shows very well what the Karpos brand stands for. Founded in 2007, within a very short time they have made a solid name for themselves as a manufacturer of clothing products in the areas of mountain sports, climbing, hiking, cycling as well as trail running. The goal is to mix outdoor spirit and innovative technologies - and thus inspire people to more adventures in nature.

A vision that is entirely credible. After all, the makers of Karpos come from the mountains themselves. To this day, the company is headquartered in Fonzaso, a small town in the northern Italian province of Belluno in Veneto. Karpos is part of the Manifattura Valcismon Group, which also includes the better-known clothing brands Sportful and Castelli - further proof that they have a lot of know-how to produce correspondingly technically high-quality outdoor clothing.

Karpos Outdoor Clothing for Men and Women - Everything Your Outdoor Heart Desires

As already mentioned, you will find in the Karpos range a wide selection of outdoor clothing for various sports, including mountaineering, hiking, climbing, cycling and trail running. The offer includes jackets, pants, fleece, shirts and accessories. Also, Karpos offers special clothing items such as waterproof jackets and pants, as well as insulated garments for cold weather. Karpos manufactures both men's and women's clothing, with the goal of ensuring optimal and customized fit and performance. In addition, Karpos has a selection of accessories in its portfolio, including gloves, hats and scarves.

To give you a better overview of the Karpos range, we'll take a closer look at each sport below:

  • Hiking: Karpos clothing for hiking consists mainly of breathable and weatherproof garments. The products are designed to provide optimal protection and comfort on long distances - from Karpos jackets to Karpos pants. Here, the use of innovative materials and technologies such as quick-drying fabric and water-repellent coatings is noteworthy.
  • Trail running: In the field of trail running, Karpos has light but robust clothing in its range. This is specifically tailored to the needs of running in the mountains. These include breathable shirts and shorts, as well as windproof and waterproof jackets that offer protection in changing weather conditions.
  • Climbing: Karpos has a variety of products for climbing in its range. These include flexible and robust pants and jackets that offer freedom of movement without compromising on safety. Special materials ensure good breathability and robustness.
  • Mountain biking: Karpos offers a special range of mountain bike clothing designed for comfort and performance. These include cycling shorts with padding, technical shirts and jackets that protect the rider from wind and weather.
    Mountaineering: Karpos clothing for mountaineering is specifically designed for the extreme conditions at altitude. These products provide a high level of insulation while being breathable and wind and waterproof.
  • Ski mountaineering: The Karpos ski mountaineering collection consists of technical garments that offer warmth, breathability and flexibility. The products are designed to provide optimal comfort and protection even in harsh weather conditions.

Versatile Outdoor Jackets and Pants with Sophisticated Technologies and Clever Materials

Karpos is basically considered a very technical brand. The products are both functional and fashionable, with a strong focus on performance and quality. Thus, in all assortments you can find breathable materials, waterproof membranes and advanced insulation technologies. Another outstanding feature is the versatility of the products. This allows the wearer to feel comfortable in different weather conditions and environments.

Green Ambitions - Karpos and its Commitment to Sustainability

Also worth noting is Karpos' commitment to sustainability. On the Karpos website, for example, there is a complete menu item that provides very transparent information about the company's own ecological footprint. Among other things, the company has committed itself to predominantly using materials with environmental certificates in production. At its headquarters in Fonzaso, the company also uses only electricity from renewable sources. The company is also very committed to "upcycling", i.e. the use of used or leftover materials, and has set up its own program to promote the circular economy. The company is also committed to fair working conditions and practices and works with its suppliers to share these values.

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So if you're looking for high-quality and sustainable outdoor clothing, Karpos is an excellent option. With their variety of technically advanced, stylish and functional clothing for various outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking, climbing, cycling and trail running, the Italians have something for all adventures on offer. Particularly noteworthy is the commitment to sustainability that runs through the entire range.

At BIKE24 you will find a comprehensive selection of Karpos clothing in any case. Convince yourself of the quality and innovative design of Karpos products and prepare yourself for your next outdoor adventure.