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KLICKfix Handlebar Bags, Baskets & Adapter for Your Bike

Cycling is fun. But you soon come to the conclusion that you need cycling accessories – especially if you want to bring any luggage with you. That's why the high-quality products from KLICKfix are crucial for maximising your cycling fun and optimising your comfort. The chic handlebar bags or saddle bags are particularly essential for longer bike tours. But other accessories such as the KLICKfix handlebar adapter and the KLICKfix bottle cage holders will impress you right away – especially if you are looking for accessories for your handlebar.

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How the Idea of KLICKfix Came About

Behind the ingenious company name KLICKfix are two passionate cyclists Rixen & Kaul, who founded the company in 1988. The idea of having a handlebar adapter for attaching accessories caused a huge stir, and the two entrepreneurs immediately struck a chord with a large clientele with these innovative bicycle items. The ingenious GTA connection system for attaching pannier racks, bottle cages and other accessories has since impressed countless customers, far beyond the borders of Germany, and KLICKfix products have become some of the most popular items for cyclists.

KLICKfix Handlebar Bags for Smartphones and Shopping

The KLICKfix Aventour Sport handlebar bag is practical, simple and compact. From the outside it looks like a camera bag, while on the inside it offers plenty of storage space. The transparent lid pocket holds your smartphone and cards, while the two side pockets secured with drawstrings can hold large water bottles. This makes the handlebar bag very well suited for e-bikes with no bottle cage. Since it also includes a rain cover, an inside pocket, a reflector and a shoulder strap, it can become a practical handbag for hiking as well. The Aventour products are available in various designs, such as in black, with rounded corners or in a grey fabric. The KLICKfix Shopper is more than a conventional handlebar basket, thanks to its cover that stores contents safely and protects them from theft and weather damage. It also has a drawstring and generous storage space and folds up when not in use. The Shopper is made of robust fabric with a reinforced base, has a chrome-plated steel handle and wide carrying straps for easy handling. From the KLICKfix Micro, to the KLICKfix PhoneBag, to the KLICKfix Stylebag: you'll find the perfect KLICKfix handlebar bag including accessories in no time at BIKE24.

KLICKfix Baskets & Bike Bags

Besides the versatile KLICKfix bags for handlebar, you will also discover the practical KLICKfix saddle bag as well as the spacious KLICKfix city basket Cargo. This is a wooden bicycle basket with KorbKlip quick release. The box is made of wooden panels that you can put together in no time thanks to a click-in system and stow away to save space when not in use. The KLICKfix rear basket with GTA Coupling for connection to the GTA Adapter plate and automatic locking is also suitable for attaching to the handlebars. The reflector on the KLICKfix basket increases road safety in the dark. The rear bike basket and the KLICKfix Classic Lowrider pannier, which comes with large zipped inner lid compartment and a little extra pouch for the rain cover, are both suitable for attachment over the rear wheel. The Universal rail is designed for all standard lowriders and carriers; the KLICKfix bags are available in a double pack and are also suitable for children's bikes. Further examples of cleverly designed KLICKfix panniers include the Doggy Basket, the Rackpack and the Freepack City backpack for the seat post.

KLICKfix Adapter for Your Bike Baskets, Bags and Boxes

The stylish, spacious KLICKfix handlebar bags and panniers are complemented by a wide range of bicycle accessories. First and foremost is the GTA Adapter system, which you can use to attach your KLICKfix handlebar bag and other panniers to your bike so they can neither slip nor fall. The KLICKfix GTA Adapter plate for panniers acts as a loading surface and adapter for attaching baskets, bags, boxes and crates to the bike. The adapter has a central lock so that the bicycle accessories attached to it cannot detach from the holder while you’re cycling. For this, you click your boxes, bags or baskets into the centre of the plate, while the slots on the sides of the plates are used to hang panniers. The fixing material for the KLICKfix GTA Adapter plate is included in the delivery.

KLICKfix has also come up with an intelligent solution for cyclists who use their smartphone to navigate. The KLICKfix PhonePad smartphone mount stands out for its stable Velcro fixation on 15 to 60 millimetre diameter tubes and its generous padded base. The smartphone can be turned 360° and can thus be attached to the handlebars in either portrait or landscape format. An additional adapter is not required. There is a range of handlebar adapters as well as special bags for water bottles. Here’s more inspiration from the KLICKfix range:

  • KLICKfix Phonepad smartphone mount
  • KLICKfix bottle cage holders
  • KLICKfix products for attaching bags, pannier racks and bottles
  • KLICKfix Handlebar Adapter for e-bikes
  • KLICKfix GTA Adapter with coupling for securely attaching KLICKfix pannier racks
  • GTA Adapter plate, into whose rail the pannier rack coupling is pushed
  • KLICKfix Saddle Adapter
  • KLICKfix Bottlefix bottle cage mount

Browse the clever bike accessories by KLICKfix at BIKE24 and order quick-fit solutions in the form of handlebar bags, pannier racks and adapters from the German brand!