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PUKY – Child Friendly Bicyles, Balance Bikes & Scooters

PUKY has more than 70 years of experience in the production of reliable vehicles for children such as bicycles, balance bikes, scooters, tricycles, four wheelers and suitable accessories. All products last for many years due to their high quality and the long-term spare parts availability. Enjoy unique quality "Made in Germany".

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From the PUKYlino to the PUKY Bike – A Guaranteed Sense of Achievement

Children love to tell their own heroic stories, and they can write them with PUKY: After their first sliding vehicle a PUKYmoto follows naturally as a preliminary stage to the balance bike and finally the first PUKY bike. For the best childhood experiences, it’s essential to find vehicles that support children in their motor development and environmental perception in the best possible way.

That's why the PUKY GmbH & Co. KG team began to produce scooters developed specially for children as early as 1949. These high-quality children's vehicles made in Germany have now been around for over seven decades. Today, more than 120 employees in Wülfrath develop, design and produce the vehicles that are much loved by so many children such as PUKY wheels, PUKY bikes or the PUKY Wutsch.

In everything they do, they see themselves not only as a profit-oriented company, but also as a value-oriented company. Reliable and responsible, but also passionate and bold, they constantly work to serve our little heroes. The company’s products are also made possible thanks to over 500 employees in workshops designed for people with disabilities. These grown-up heroes have been handling the professional assembly and packaging of the vehicles for 40 years.

Well Equipped for Any Adventure: Which PUKY for Which Age?

PUKYlino for Children from 1 Year

Even toddlers want to be mobile. With their first slide vehicle, toddlers will learn how to climb up and down and practice moving on a vehicle by pushing off with both legs. If this works well, the steering and balance can be added later on.

PUKY Wutsch for Children from 1.5 Years

The logical follow-up vehicle is one designed to explore the outdoors, where there is so much more to discover. Because the surfaces are not as smooth and even as indoor areas, the PUKY Wutsch is equipped with a swinging front axle, which allows smaller obstacles to be easily and safely overcome.

PUKYmoto for Children from 1.5 Years

With an improving sense of balance and developing motor skills, the PUKYmoto can be the right choice for the transition to the PUKY wheels. With a stable sitting posture, coordination and muscle strength can be developed.

PUKY Tricycle for Children from 2 Years

At the age of two, most children graduate to their first tricycle. Pedal, steer, brake or simply let the parents push for a while – everything is possible with a PUKY tricycle.

PUKY Scooter for Children from 2 Years

We continue with the PUKY Scooter, which lets children train a wonderful feeling for speed as their leg muscles slowly prepare for their first bike. The scooter is available in several variants and is also popular with older children.

PUKY Wheels for Children from 2.5 Years

Finally it's time for the first two-wheeler! The ergonomically shaped saddle fits particularly well because it has been designed to support a running movement. This helps to promote the next stage in motor development. The various models of the PUKY wheels are height-adjustable and are available in the coolest colours.

PUKY Bike for Children from 3 Years

The first experience of cycling is a particularly beautiful moment, which often makes children's eyes shine with pride. PUKY Bikes are available in all sizes from 12 to 24 inches. They quickly become everyday companions, because they not only look like modern Mum and Dad’s bikes – they are also equipped with safety functions needed to participate in road traffic.