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Ziener Gloves − Made for Cycling

The globally popular Ziener gloves were created in 1946 in Oberammergau thanks to a brilliant idea from the master glove maker Franz Ziener Senior. He discovered a gap in the market of street gloves and found a niche that turned his concept into a flourishing business. To this day, their gloves for cyclist and winter sports enthusiasts are known for their high-quality material and solid workmanship. The German company believes in the importance of fair working conditions, its products are manufactured as part of a program against the exploitation of workers in Third World countries.

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Ziener – Comfort and Technology

The right pair of Ziener gloves are just what you need for enhanced safety and optimal comfort while cycling. The good quality is evident in the material, workmanship and appearance. Cycling gloves with a beautiful design are of course what we’d all prefer to wear, but the safety of steering and handling should not be neglected. So, the first question comes into play: Should the fingers be padded or should they remain free for a good grip? That depends on your personal preference and on the season and the weather conditions. The same rules apply for children and adults alike: The glove must sit comfortably on the hand, it must not be too big or too small, and must in all cases prevent the hands from slipping when steering, for example due to rain or sweat.

Ziener Gloves for the Best Protection and Optimal Grip

Gloves for cyclists and winter sports athletes need to be particularly robust and water-repellent. Models with thermal inserts are particularly recommended for winter sports enthusiasts, to keep the hands warm and flexible even in sub-zero temperatures. Ziener combines leather with Stretchtex to create a very stretchy upper. The highlight is the integrated mitten, which can be slipped over the glove when it is particularly cold.

Ziener Cycling Gloves − Clever and Functional

Ziener bicycle gloves are designed with a slight curve from the outset so that the cyclist has a secure grip on the handlebars. The Aquashield laminate in the upper keeps water out even in heavy rain. The zipper is also waterproof. The material is breathable to stop your hands sweating excessively.

Ziener Gloves for Children − Bright Colours and an Excellent Fit

When it comes to Ziener gloves for children it’s not only safety they take into consideration, but appealing designs. The Stretchflex upper guarantees optimal freedom of movement for the hand. There are also fingerless models for children with stripes or piping in bold colours.

Ziener Gloves for Women − Designed with Women in Mind

Ziener gloves for women can, of course, be considered unisex gloves, but the fashionable stripes and colour combinations do match well with a more feminine look. Even the thickest models don’t look bulky and pair well with women's sportswear.

Ziener Gloves for Men − Simple and Comfortable

Ziener gloves for men are mostly in neutral colours, with a black or brown uppers for a masculine finish. Ladies who prefer a sleek, simple look may also enjoy these designs if their size is available. If you are choosing to wear the gloves as a unisex model remember to take into consideration the difference in sizes for each gender.

Which Ziener Gloves are My Perfect Fit?

Which Ziener cycling glove is the right one for you depends mainly on your intended use. If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, for example, it’s best to choose a particularly warm glove-mitten combination. If you mainly ride your bike in summer, the fingerless, lighter models are better suited. Whichever you choose, the upper and inner lining of all Ziener gloves are made with quality products and workmanship.