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ZYCLE - Smart Bike Trainer for Your Optimal Training Experience

Training on the roller is a very efficient training method - not only when a ride outside is not possible. It gets even better when you use a smart roller trainer like the ZPro from ZYCLE. Combined with 3D training software, every "ride" becomes an experience. Fancy a Recover Ride in Mallorca or a training battle with your friends without leaving your living room? A ZYCLE Smart Bike Trainer makes it possible.

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ZYCLE Bike Trainer: Like a Vacation, Only in Your Own Living Room!

Goethe already said: "Why wander far and wide? See, the good lies so near!" Less poetic, but really ingenious, the smart roller trainers from ZYCLE put this motto into practice. They bring your training on the bike from the street into your own living room. Regardless of the time of day, weather or traffic, you can get your workout in on a ZYCLE bike trainer. But it has nothing to do with monotonous pedaling on a noisy exercise bike. Roller trainers from ZYCLE are ultra-modern and above all: smart! This means that you can connect them to your computer and a corresponding training software. In this way, boring indoor training becomes an exciting 3D experience. Whether alone or with friends, whether on your favorite lap at home or the legendary Alpine pass: everything is possible and it feels totally real.

You unlock the Zycle Smart Bike Trainer's full potential when you use it with the appropriate simulation software. ZYCLE Bike Trainers are compatible with all major programs:

  • Zwift
  • BKool
  • Rouvy
  • Trainerroad
  • Kinomap
  • Thesufferfest
  • Fulgaz

ZYCLE: Full Performance at a Low Price

Behind ZYCLE is know-how in two respects: On the one hand, ZYCLE has many years of experience. On the other hand, the company has taken over the roller trainer division of the Spanish manufacturer BKool in 2019. For this reason, for example, the ZYCLE Smart ZPro looks very similar to the former BKool device. Due to this concentrated power, ZYCLE is able to offer good technology at a small price. ZYCLE Smart Bike trainers therefore offer a realistic riding experience that can otherwise only be expected from expensive high-end devices. In this way, a very precise training control is possible. The deviation is a mere +/- 3 percent, which is an extraordinarily good value.

Realistic Indoor Training without Interference Effects

Many indoor roller trainers are noisy and annoying. This annoys both your own family and neighbors. With a ZYCLE Bike Trainer, such potential conflicts are a thing of the past. Thanks to magnetic resistance and exceptionally quiet ventilation, the ZPro is one of the quietest trainers on the market at a mere 75 db. On top of that, it has a super sturdy design and stands absolutely securely. Thanks to extendable telescopic legs, the ZYCLE Bike Trainer stands firmly on the ground without wobbling. This is remarkable, since the device is one of the lightest of its kind, weighing less than twelve kilos.

Training not only at Home: Take the ZYCLE Trainer with You on Your Travels!

Do you know what it's like to plan a vacation and while the rest of the family is looking for places to visit, you're planning how to get your workout in? A ZYCLE Smart ZPro roller trainer is the perfect solution to your problem! At twelve pounds, it's lightweight and easy to transport. In addition, you can fold it to save space, so it hardly takes up any room as luggage. In this way, you can take it with you on the road and your training is secured! By the way, the ZYCLE Bike Trainer is just as suitable for use at races. If you have it with you, you can relax and warm up so that you can start right after the starting gun. For this (and other) purposes, the ZYCLE ZPro has a special feature: With the optionally available lithium battery, you are completely independent of the power grid and can set up your ZYCLE Bike Trainer wherever you want.

Training not only at Home: Take the ZYCLE Trainer with You on Your Travels!

Which Bikes do ZYCLE Bike Trainers fit?

Basically, the models Smart ZDrive and Smart ZPro differ from each other. In the ZPro, the rear end is not clamped directly into the device. Instead, the wheel remains in the frame. The bike is placed as a whole on the roller trainer and fixed with quick release or thru axle. With the ZDrive, the rear wheel is removed first. A suitable cassette must be installed on the roller trainer. Then the bike can be clamped into the trainer without the rear wheel. In this way, the ZDrive offers an even more realistic riding experience. However, the necessary flywheel makes the device a bit heavier and more unwieldy.

ZYCLE's smart roller trainers accept bikes with wheel sizes from 20 to 29 inches. There is a wide selection of axles for the rear to clamp the bike in the trainer. No matter what width, what diameter and whether quick release or thru axle: You will find the right axle for your bike. Just as easily, the ZYCLE trainers can be connected to all kinds of computers or tablets. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth and ANT+ technology, they are compatible with all common platforms.

The ZYCLE Smart ZBike: Maximum Training Comfort with the Innovative Indoor Bike

Do you want to train quietly, efficiently and realistically? Don't want to modify your outdoor bike for training in your living room? Then the ZYCLE Smart ZBike is for you! It is a complete indoor training system that can be adjusted to your body dimensions in seconds. Thanks to its large flywheel, it offers an exceptionally realistic riding experience. With its belt drive, it is virtually silent. The ZYCLE Smart ZBike is extremely accurate and offers up to 2,000 watts of resistance. With this indoor trainer you catapult your winter training to a new level!

The ZYCLE Smart ZBike: Maximum Training Comfort with the Innovative Indoor Bike