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Fun, style and high product quality were the original requirements of the two German founding fathers Benno Baenziger and Jeano Erforth when they made their idea of a beach cruiser reality in sunny California back in 1993. So Electra was born, and it has been inspiring people with its corporate philosophy ever since. From the beginning, Electra Bikes have been about creating innovation, having fun while cycling and looking good while doing it. This is still true today, with the only change being that Electra bikes and cruisers are now part of the Trek family.

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Electra Bikes’ Company History: From Beach Cruiser to E-Cruiser

If you want to trace Electra’s story back to its beginnings, you first have to take a diversion via Californian surf culture. Two Germans, Benno Baenziger and Jeano Erforth, were surfers in Leucadia and created the first Electra beach cruiser under the Californian sun back in 1993. The relaxed surfer lifestyle back then became the basis for the first Electra bikes. They had to be stylish, make cycling fun and make every ride out something special. Today, almost 30 years later, Electra still emulates these principles and is dedicated to developing comfortable and stylish lifestyle bikes for men, women and children.

The two founders made their breakthrough with their Electra Super Deluxe Beach Cruiser, which became a real success with its classic two-tone design featuring Hawaiian flowers. In 2001, they presented the first Electra children’s bike. This essentially shrank the stylish beach cruisers down to make the relaxed lifestyle accessible to the next generation.

Electra Flat-Foot technology was the next big thing in 2003, in which the Townie model’s geometry allowed the foot to be placed flat and comfortably on the ground when seated. Thus, the Electra cruiser bikes for men and women significantly reduced the psychological barrier about losing balance and control while cycling. Electra remained true to its relaxed design for this leisure bike as well, and it found countless fans all over the world.

Numerous milestones followed at Electra in the 2000s. With 26-inch cruisers, tandems, the integration of art into the bicycle designs and a classic Dutch bicycle, Electra succeeded in taking off internationally. In 2009, the Electra Flagship Store was opened in Hamburg.

From 2013 onwards, Electra e-bikes came to the fore and were constantly being further developed. What began with a simple rear-wheel motor evolved into a fully fledged e-bike with Bosch motor and smartphone hub controller. With its combination of lifestyle and performance, Electra has inspired a large fan community here as well.

From 2020, the product portfolio was expanded to include Electra bicycle accessories. Besides the mudguards, handlebar grips, lights, bells, horns and much more, the Electra bike basket has caused quite a sensation. Available in four colours, the bike basket is not only stylish but also a good choice in terms of sustainability – it is made using 500 grams of recycled marine waste.

The Range of Electra Bikes

A lot has happened, and numerous models have been launched, since the first Electra cruiser bicycle in 1993. Alongside the classic beach cruisers, Electra e-bikes and nice Electra ladies bike line are now also available. In the following section, we explain the individual Electra product groups in more detail:

Electra Cruiser Bicycles

Developed on a Californian beach, the Electra Cruiser is the cornerstone of the company’s history. Even today, the stylish beach cruisers for men and the Electra womens bikes are among the most popular Electra bicycle models.

Electra Commuter and City Bikes

Do you live in the city and need a bike for everyday use on the way to work or the park? Then the Electra Loft series is just the thing for you. With fast 28-inch wheels and the typically comfortable Electra saddle position, you can get from A to B quickly without losing your relaxed vibe. Incidentally, you’ll look great too! The Electra Loft is available for both men and women.

Electra E-Bikes

Would you like a bit more va-va-voom? Electra e-bikes give you the support you need in a literally electrifying way. It doesn’t matter whether you are after a leisure, commuter or cruiser e-bike, because Electra offers stylish and powerful e-bikes for every category. Electra relies on German engineering for the motor and battery and only uses Bosch components. 

Your advantages with Electra Bikes

  • Electra is considered the market leader for beach cruisers and leisure bikes.
  • Electra combines lifestyle and function in a special way.
  • Electra bikes look good and convey a relaxed lifestyle to the outside world.
  • Electra Bicycles bring the Californian sun wherever you go.
  • Electra is part of the global corporation Trek.