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DYNAFIT – Clothing & Equipment for Trail Running, Mountaineering, Biking & Ski Touring

DYNAFIT has been part of the Oberalp Group since 2003 and produces ski touring systems from head to toe, as well as high-quality complete systems for trail running, biking and mountaineering. To this end, the brand relies on a reduced, minimalist design for maximum functionality and top quality with a focus on mountain endurance athletes, as represented through their snow leopard logo. As this big cat is threatened with extinction, the brand has been working together with the Snow Leopard Trust for many years, an organisation committed to protecting the endangered animal species.

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DYNAFIT – By Athletes, for Athletes

As a brand by athletes, for athletes, their focus is on providing mountain endurance sportspeople with the best possible support and they develop high-performance systems from head to toe. In winter, touring skis, bindings and boots work in perfect synergy, complemented by the right clothing, poles and backpack. For summer, however, they have collections of trail running shoes, backpacks, poles, shorts, shirts and jackets which are all coordinated to perfection, allowing for long adventures in the mountains.

DYNAFIT, the trail running and ski touring giant, has been using a snow leopard as their logo since 2005, an elegant animal that is the perfect symbol for the company's values and characteristics. It moves over the world’s highest peaks at high speed and with top levels of endurance — just like the ambitious athletes DYNAFIT are targeting. In 2007, DYNAFIT also began to work in cooperation with the Snow Leopard Trust to protect the endangered species that adorns their logo.

DYNAFIT: For Mountain Adventures 365 Days a Year

DYNAFIT products have been designed and developed to support athletes with minimal weight and outstanding technology, whether they’re facing fast ascents, cool temperatures at the summit or large snowfields to cross.

Whether trail running, athletic mountaineering or bike sports, not to mention skiing itself: DYNAFIT covers the most original, challenging disciplines in the field of mountain endurance sports. DYNAFIT kept expanding their product portfolio through various partnerships and in-house developments and, in doing so, paved the way for them to become a year-round equipment supplier. There is no such thing as bad weather.

An important principle at DYNAFIT was and is, then as now, that the brand is run by athletes, and develops products for athletes. The company strives to offer mountain endurance athletes the best possible support and to this end, product performance takes absolute centre stage.

DYNAFIT's efficient equipment and clothing systems provide an optimal basis for athletes to equip themselves from head to toe and be prepared for any kind of adventure. In winter, touring skis, bindings and boots ensure optimal progress can be made on snow and ice and these items can, of course, be combined with the matching clothing, ski poles and backpacks from DYNAFIT.

The approach DYNAFIT has taken to winter gear should work just as well in summer. Collections for trail running, mountain adventures and biking include clothing, footwear, backpacks, shorts, trousers, T-shirts, jackets and many more products that are perfectly coordinated, ensuring breathtaking adventures in the mountains.

DYNAFIT’s Different Product Categories

What began as simple ski boot production has transformed into one of the leading manufacturers for trail running, athletic mountaineering, biking and ski touring. DYNAFIT supplies functional clothing and equipment for year-round mountain adventures and has a sharp focus on ambitious athletes who value top-class product performance. To give you a better overview, we have listed the most important DYNAFIT product categories below.

DYNAFIT Trail Running Products

Trail running means running or jogging off-road. These kinds of athletes are usually found in the Alpine regions, but trail running is also a demanding sport when practised in the lowlands across meadows, forests and fields. DYNAFIT develops trail running products with the highest functional standards for this exact purpose. These include DYNAFIT running shoes, men’s and women’s jackets, trousers and shorts, jerseys and long-sleeved tops, waterproof coats, backpacks, gloves and other accessories for all kinds of running adventures.

DYNAFIT Mountaineering Products

Head off on adventures in the mountains, climb peaks and enjoy breathtaking views. Anyone who has ever seen a sunset on a mountain top won't forget this sight anytime soon and DYNAFIT ensures that time spent in the mountains can really be enjoyed. Their high-performance mountaineering equipment provides support on mountain adventures, keeps you warm and dry and won't let you down, even when times get tough. Specially-made DYNAFIT clothing, such as water- and windproof jackets, as well as DYNAFIT hiking trousers for men and women, ensure you’re optimally kitted out from head to toe. Round off your DYNAFIT mountain equipment with some hiking poles, a headband, backpack and other accessories.

DYNAFIT Bike Products

Biking is also part of the DYNAFIT lifestyle, so their range of products in this field is also extensive. In addition to stylish, functional DYNAFIT jerseys and shorts for men and women, you will also find matching gloves, jackets, and arm and leg warmers if things get a little chilly.

DYNAFIT Ski Touring Products

Passionate about ski touring? With its extensive ski touring range, DYNAFIT is your go-to. The winter adventure expert provides highly-functional clothing to protect you from the elements, as well as ski boots, skis, ski bindings, backpacks, helmets, ski socks, ski poles, touring skins, hats, headbands and much more.