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magped Pedals – Innovative and Patented Magnetic Safety Pedals

magped is an Austrian company based in Aldrans. The firm’s name is derived from the products offered. magped offers innovative magnetic pedals for bikes. The magped pedals are convincing with a strong magnet, high-quality processing and outstanding performance. The magnetic bicycle pedals are designed for on and off-road use. Both road racers and mountain bikers can mount them on their bikes.

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magped Pedals – The Magnetic Bicycle Pedal for Road and Mtb Use.

The Austrian manufacturer magped has made a name for itself throughout Europe with its magnetic bicycle pedals. The company offers magnetic pedals for use in road racing and on mountain bikes. There is even a model for normal, everyday use.

magped combines a high-quality CNC-milled pedal body with a 150 magnet. The magnet’s companion piece is mounted under an SPD-compatible cycling shoe. The resulting magnetic connection between rider and bicycle is a pulling force of 18 kg. The magped pedal axle or spindle is optionally made of CrMo or titanium and is equipped with three sealed industrial ball bearings.

magped offers spare parts such as, replacement magnets, spindles or multi-coloured pedal pins. With these spare parts you can keep your magped pedals in good condition over the long term and tailor them individually.

Your Advantages with a Magnetic magped Pedal

magped pedals have numerous advantages compared to conventional pedals. We’ve summarised all the magped advantages for you below.

  • magped pedals enable you to take rounded steps and thus ensure more effective locomotion.
  • the magnetic pedals can be obtained for different areas of use. you can choose magped Enduro pedals or magped racing pedals.
  • the magped shoe plate can be mounted on any SPD-compatible cycling shoe. the closed magped shoe plate design reduces the risk of tripping and the accumulation of muck.
  • the magped pedal has a pulling force of up to 18 kg. a 150 magnet is built in.
  • magped pedals are fitted with three high-quality sealed industrial ball bearings. The height of the screw pedal pins and the magnet are adjustable.
  • the magped pedals and their magnets enable minimum pivoting of the foot and thus protect the joints.
  • a lightweight, CNC-milled aluminium pedal body and a CrMO or titanium spindle are built in to magped pedals. Despite the magnet system magped pedals are no heavier than traditional pedals.

magped Pedal Variants for Your Bicycle

The Austrian manufacturer offers you magnetic pedals for different areas of use. Depending on what you ride, you can choose the right pedal for you.

magped Magnet Pedal Road – Magnetically Links Your Bicycle to Your Foot

If you are at home on a road bike, the magped road pedal is the right choice for you. It is milled from a single block and has a titanium axle as well as a 200 N magnet. A pair of magped Road Pedals weigh only 270 grammes.

magped Magnet Pedal MTB – The Perfect Connection between Your Mountain Bike and You

Mountain bike pedals must have a good grip and be reliable. The magped Enduro pedal has these features. It is milled from an aluminium block and has reinforced pedal axles for a long useful life. The weight of a pair of magped Enduro pedals with a 150 N magnet is 490 grammes. The version with a 200 N magnet is 530 grammes on the scales.

magped Universal Pedal – Perfectly Suited to Trekking Tours

with the magped ULTRA2 and magped SPORT2 you are optimally prepared for daily rides. They are not for as specialised a use as the road racing bike or MTB. They can be universally fitted to different types of bicycles.