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Northwave – High Quality Road & MTB Shoes, Eyewear & Bike Apparel

Founded in 1991 in a small garage in Italy, Northwave has established itself as one of the world's most innovative and fashionable brands for cycling shoes and apparel. Northwave is one of the most experienced and successful shoe manufacturers, especially in the cross country sector, but also convinces with high-quality cycling clothing for men and women.

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Highly Functional & Stylish: Professional Bike Apparel in Exciting Designs

In 1991, Gianni Piva and his wife Daniela started producing snowboard boots for big, well-known manufacturers in a small garage in Montebelluna, Italy, but very quickly decided to sell them under their own brand: This was the birth of Northwave. 

Shortly afterwards, Gianni was convinced by his son-in-law to make mountain bike shoes as this sport was just beginning to boom. With the Integral, the first Northwave MTB shoe was launched in 1993 and mixed up the previously very monochrome cycling market with a fresh bi-color design. In the new segment, the brand was quickly very successful, too, and attracted particular attention with its innovative and exciting designs. A credo that Northwave remains true to today: stylish cycling clothing with exciting designs without any compromises in terms of functionality and durability. 

Right from the start, top athletes such as Paola Pezzo and Missy Giove have been touring with Northwave shoes. In 1995, the range was expanded to include road bike shoes and Ivan Gotti promptly won the Giro d' Italia in Northwave shoes. Many other legends also put their faith in the shoes of this up-and-coming manufacturer. Including Mario Cippolini, Cadel Evans, Tom Boonen.

Northwave – Road & MTB Shoes, Eyewear & Bike Apparel for Women & Men

Since 2003, Northwave has also been offering highly functional cycling clothing for men and women, such as jerseys and bib shorts. But also cycling jackets and of course all necessary accessories like baselayer, gloves, socks and cycling glasses. Here too, Northwave has been setting trends from the outset for jerseys, undershirts and gloves.

Shortly thereafter, with the Celsius Northwave launches the first GORE-TEX® winter shoes for cycling  and is now the market leader in this segment with 10 models.

In 2020, Northwave's portfolio includes the Ghost Pro, the world's lightest series production XC shoe. The Extreme Pro road bike shoe is a revolutionary development in terms of material and a millimetre precise adjustment of the fit via the SLW2 closure system and the Enduro Mid offers every Enduro pilot an optimal portion of grip, comfort and protection. 

In clothing, the Switch line stands out above all, where trendy designs from the fixie scene have been picked up and even professional demands are met with highly functional materials.

Northwave – Road & MTB Shoes, Eyewear & Bike Apparel for Women & Men

Northwave remains one of the world's most innovative and fashionable manufacturers of cycling shoes and apparel. The development of the products is still taking place at the company's headquarters in northern Italy, about an hour's drive north of Venice and Gianni Piva is still passionately at work here. New materials and new designs are constantly being tested, thus driving the development of shoes and textiles.