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Salewa Boots, Clothing and Equipment for Outdoor Adventurers

Tradition, sustainability and real passion for the mountains — Salewa makes shoes, clothing and all the equipment you need when you set out on your next mountain adventure. Based in the Southern Tyrol, Italian design and German functionality are successfully and precisely combined with each other. The result is outdoor equipment included with the best.

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From Subsidiary to Driving Force – Salewa’s Success Story

The enterprising entrepreneur Josef Liebhart founded a subsidiary of the purchasing cooperative in 1935 – on July 8th, to be precise – which he was already managing. There he wanted to make saddles and leather goods and called the new company by the acronym of the products he sold: “SaLeWa”, the name has endured to this day, while the goods sold have become more eclectic and better over the years.

The resounding success was announced as early as 1955, when Salewa developed a backpack for Hermann Huber's expedition to the Andes, which became an absolute bestseller. Ultimately, that was also the start of the love affair with professional mountain sports. Over the years, famous Alpinists such as Reinhold Messner have relied on the brand's equipment and tested it extensively on their tours and expeditions – from Salewa headbands to hiking pants to pairs of shoes.

The takeover by Oberalp and the associated move to Bolzano in 1990 was another milestone. The brand, originally from Munich, finally found a new home in an environment that was made for it. Whether shoes, jackets or crampons – all new developments can now be put through their paces in the surrounding mountains

Something for Everyone – In the Versatile Salewa Range

With the slogan "half weight - double resistance", the brand heralded a new era for its shoes, jackets and other products in the mid-1990s. Since then, there have been additional clothing lines that are much lighter than the competition's products. Examples of this are Salewa jackets which tip the scales at less than 350 grammes.

But not only clothing and shoes are developed and manufactured by the mountain sports enthusiasts in the Dolomites, but also everything else that Alpinists could need for their tours in the mountains. From tents to sleeping bags to carabiners or crampons ideal for a pair of shoes, everything that an Alpinist’s heart desires is available. 

To give you a reliable overview of the different product segments, you can explore the brand portfolio based on the intended activities. Shoes, rain jackets etc. are classified in the following categories:

  • hiking
  • mountaineering
  • skiing
  • climbing
  • speed hiking
  • Alpine life

The equipment for the various activities is always designed for their special requirements. Your Salewa hiking boots for example, guarantee you are sure-footed over hill and dale. In contrast, trekking shoes offer you more feeling when running and also overcome climbing inserts without problems.

Salewa Shoes, Your Reliable Base for All Trips

Good shoes mean more than being comfortable to wear — especially if you want to wear them on long outdoor trips into different terrains. Then other factors of course become important as well, such as:

  • stability
  • robustness
  • lightweight
  • being sure-footed
  • being weatherproof

Sturdy and sure-footed shoes need to be designed with strong materials. For this, the Bolzano-based manufacturer relies on shoe profiles from well-known partners such as Michelin and Pomoca. In addition to these partners Salewa shoes always pursue the in-house goal of maximum lightness. This is why, for example, they use lightweight GORE-TEX® membranes, which also effectively protect the feet from moisture. You’ll also benefit from the high breathability of your Salewa hiking and mountain shoes.

Salewa Jackets for Touring, Trekking and Other Activities

In addition to the shoes as the pet issue, jackets from Salewa also belong to the brand highlights – from down jackets to fleece, soft shell and winter sports variants. Whether for mountaineering, trekking or skiing trips: This manufacturer has the right outer coating for every requirement. You can expect maximum functionality as all jackets are extensively tested in the Dolomites and exposed to extreme conditions.

As standard, the Bolzano-based friends of the mountains provide all their branded jackets with maximum freedom of movement, high breathability, high wind and water resistance and ergonomic designs. The result? Jackets that fit extremely well, support you flawlessly and make you want to go on outdoor adventures.

Salewa: Love for Its Home Region, Nature and People

Whether for shoes, hiking pants, carabiners, tents or other equipment: the brand lives and loves mountain sports, which also shows in its tireless commitment to sustainability. The company headquarters in Bolzano, for example, are completely covered with solar panels and thus supplies green electricity for itself and the surrounding residents. During production, more and more material is obtained from recycled productsupcycling at its best. In the family business, people are the focus of everything, so that fair wages and safe working conditions are guaranteed along the entire supply chain.

Salewa Backpacks, Shoes & Co. – Your Reliable Partner for the Outdoors

With the equipment from the Bolzano mountain specialists, you automatically enjoy outdoor sports and have fun on every trip. No matter whether its a down jacket or shoes — with Salewa you’re functionally and comfortably equipped for any situation.