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Blackroll Foam Rollers, Fascia Balls & More – For a Sporty Lifestyle

Effective warm-ups, relaxed muscles and improved regeneration – the Blackroll foam roller and other fascia tools set your workout and recovery to a new level. The innovative and easy-to-use products support a healthy lifestyle and help you lead a powerful, pain-free life. They also impress with their ideal shape, the perfect degree of hardness and their reliable durability. And the best thing is, to get those positive results, all you need is the original training tool and yourself.

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Healthy Training – With Blackroll Foam Roller and Ball

It can be quite rare for athletes to have their strained muscles treated regularly with massages or physiotherapy. However, professional massages are a proven way to loosen tight muscles, relieve pain and promote muscle regeneration. Blackroll founder Jürgen Dürr recognised this problem and developed products such as the foam roller and the Blackroll Ball, which can be used by anyone independently after a one-off orientation.

The company wants to help people of all ages, regardless of their training level, to go through life feeling fit and pain-free. The products achieve this by promoting and stimulating the following, among other things:

  • mobility
  • flexibility
  • regeneration
  • fitness as a whole

The brand’s innovations have been helping to improve the active lives of many people since 2007. This is also thanks to the advice the company receives on its development from athletes and sportspeople, therapists and doctors as well as scientists. This intensive collaboration ensures products that are representative of the brand's goals: they improve the elasticity of the fasciae and muscles and have a health-boosting effect. The rollers, the Ball and the other fitness tools are designed for use at home or when travelling – no gym required.

Fascia Training with the Blackroll Ball and Other Innovations

Like the classic roller, the massage ball as well as all the brand’s other products were developed for myofascial self-massage. The fasciae are the connective tissue structure in your body that hold everything together, so to speak. They act like the interior’s sheath and have long been underestimated. This is because the fascia tissue in particular can intensively strengthen the muscles and provides elasticity. It thus has a relieving effect on the body’s vertebrae and joints.

Even though the Ball and the other Blackroll training tools are primarily designed to prevent back pain and muscle tension, the right exercises and workouts can achieve figure-firming effects and improved posture. In addition, each Blackroll product is characterised by the following features:

  • made from recyclable materialresistant and durable
  • high quality standards
  • environmentally friendly
  • produced in Germany

No matter whether you get the Ball, roller or band: the fitness items are all produced in Germany and are free from chemicals. They are also completely recyclable. The fascia ball, roller and other equipment resist higher temperatures without losing their shape. Their high quality, sophisticated workmanship and durability have meanwhile gained them countless fans in the fitness segment.

The Blackroll Foam Roller

The Blackroll foam roller is available in different versions to allow the fascia tissue of every part of the body to be stimulated perfectly and to enable you to train the way you need to. The variants differ primarily in the degree of hardness as well as their surface and shape. You can also upgrade the Blackroll with the Blackroll Booster: a core insert that adds highly effective vibration. Whether you go for the Blackroll Mini, Soft or Standard – you can not only strengthen your back, but also your neck, shoulders, arms and legs.

The Blackroll Ball

You can also choose between different models of the brand's balls. These are ideal for selective use. While the single ball can exert its powers on almost any muscle, Blackroll's double ball – the DuoBall – was developed primarily for the area around the spine. That’s because the vertebrae are optimally avoided and protected by the distance between the two balls. Whichever ball you choose, you can use it against a wall, table or floor.

Sustainability and Responsibility in the Production of Blackroll Tools

With its famous fascia roller, the company pursues its mission in terms of responsibility and sustainability across three major aspects: People, Planet and Performance. For the first, the brand focuses on people and their health – this includes its own team, all the people Blackroll works with and you, i.e. all its consumers. Support for initiatives is also driven internally, helping disadvantaged people around the world.

A responsible approach to the environment is a matter of course for the Blackroll brand. Their actions and underlying thinking are directed towards minimalism and longevity. The Performance pillar means positive growth for the company. Whether it's for the manufacturing process of their massage roller or the individual ball, the brand always aims to find a healthy balance between people, planet and company performance.

Blackroll Fascia and Workout Tools

People who buy Blackroll products can benefit from effective muscle relaxation, better posture, beneficial regeneration and better sleep. All the training tools in the extensive range complement each other perfectly in the Blackroll set: The classic fascia roller, the effective Ball etc. together ensure perfect application – regardless of whether you use them before, after or during your sports session.