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None other than the inventor of the Energy Gel, SQUEEZY offers innovative sports nutrition engineered and made in Germany. There is nothing more important than what you put into your body, especially during exercise. Every bar, gel, drink and gum is sustainably developed to be fast, efficient, easily digestible, practical and for a variety of tastes. Supply what is vital. For all the body needs.

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A History of Squeezing, Energy and Performance

The famously distinctive South African scientist and author Dr. Tim Noakes, currently the emeritus professor of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at the University of Cape Town, was the first person to develop a way to refuel on the run. Knowing that the amount of carbohydrates limits your performance, especially in marathons or high exertions of more than 60 minutes, he and his team created a gel that contained 25 grams of energy. To simplify the intake during an activity they additionally developed small plastic sachets from which a gel could easily be pressed or squeezed into the mouth. This was in 1987.

Six years later the previously unknown product was spotted at the legendary triathlon challenge in Roth. Shortly afterwards the SQUEEZY Energy Gel entered the European Market and became an immediate bestseller for endurance and team sports. Since then the company has expanded its sports nutrition range with bars, drinks, nutritional supplements and dietary products and created many innovations such as the world ‘s first fruit gum made of maltodextrin. And in the year 2014 things have come full circle when the world‘s largest long-distance triathlon announced SQUEEZY anew as the new Nutrition Partner of the Challenge Roth, with the goal of supplying every participant with high-quality, optimally tolerated and individually flavored energy during their swim, bike and run stages.

SQUEEZY GOES GREEN - a Brand on the Way to All-Around Sustainably Packaged Sports Nutrition

In 2020, SQUEEZY gave the go-ahead for a large-scale and comprehensive realignment of its own brand. What was planned as a relaunch to "refresh" the corporate design quickly became a plan to make the entire product range fully sustainable. From the actual product to its packaging. Despite some not insignificant problems, SQUEEZY managed to switch to cans made of sugar cane, recyclable monofoils, uncoated labels and paper bags.

Ingest the Essentials

Every athletes will find his or her preferred product. Get your energy as a bar, drink, gum or gel. With or without caffeine. In various flavors. SQUEEZY listens carefully to the needs of every individual. You need something that is not sweet? Try the hearty and salty Tomato Gel or the bitter-fresh Energy Gel beer. There are gels and supplements for vegans and those that are lactose intolerant.

And these contain all the vital carbohydrates and minerals to support you during your training and competition and additional proteins, amino acids and vitamins for preparation and recovery. SQUEEZY concentrates on the essentials, which makes their products not only very stomach-friendly, but also incredibly easy to use. Besides the patented squeasypak you can also use the environmentally friendly refill system consisting of one dosing and one refill bottle. Nutrition that works for you. By athletes – for athletes.